Slating & Tiling in Middlesbrough

No tiling and slating project is too big or too small for our team of roofing experts. With a group of skilled roofers that have many years of experience at your disposal, you can be sure that any job that requires re-aligning or fitting of slates or tiles will be taken care of by professionals.

We specialise in the installation or re-alignment of natural, machine made and handmade slating and tiling materials so this covers the vast majority of materials so you can be sure that our team are more than experienced enough to take care of your needs and get the job done right. We offer our services to both residential and commercial properties in Middlesbrough and Teesside so why not give one of our roofing experts a call and see what needs to be done for your problem to go away as quickly and smoothly as possible. 01642 931685

Do I Need To Use Natural Slate?

In the UK, slate is typically imported from Spain as there just is not enough quarried in Britain to meet the demands, this can add to the cost of the slate you use but you are in luck as there are a wide array of composite slate looking materials that can give you the clean and classic look of slate without needing actual imported slate and no one would know the difference.

This is usually cheaper to fit as well so not only will your roof look great it will be easier on your wallet too, pretty good deal. Give one of us a call today and we can discuss whether or not you would prefer real slates and tiles or if you would prefer a man-made composite for cheaper that looks like the real thing, call us on 01642 931685

When you have your roof tiles fixed by one of our highly skilled roofers, whether that's one of the cheaper composite solutions or you opt for natural slate material you can be sure that the finish will be top notch and will certainly enhance the appeal and value of your property while also lasting many years. You can also be sure that if one of your tiles has been damaged or has moved out of place, possibly due to bad weather, then the re-alignment or replacement of the tile will be done correct, first time, and there will be no hidden cost.

roof tile damaged in storm in middlesbrough

Remember that if you do have a loose tile then it is very important that you have someone look at it as things can escalate quickly and end up costing a lot more than it should of. Plus, we will also check that your roof is healthy while we are up there at no extra cost to you so you know that your roof is nice and sturdy with no nasty surprises in the pipeline.

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Competitive Slating & Tiling Quotes

We offer competitive quotes that are fair and with no hidden costs, the price quoted will be the final price. We pride ourselves on our high level of finish and we are confident that you will be more than happy with the final result and we will work with you to make sure that you are happy with the end product as this is your roof so we want to know that you like the finished result.

Our friendly team are here to answer any questions you may have about your slate and tiles so just pick up the phone and give us a call. We are all roofers and not salesmen so there will be no pressure sales tactics, we are experts in roofing so we will just answer your questions.

We also offer free call outs so there is no risk to you, you can have one of the team come out and take a look at your tiles and then we can discuss with you, on site, the options that you have and we will be happy to recommend the best materials and so on to make sure that you finish is top quality, long lasting and totally fits your type of roof.

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