Want More Good Roofing News?

Hi there people,here we are again so lets talk about the latest news in the Roofing industry, and also what I found to be interesting too, and maybe I can sneak in some news about good old Middlesbrough we’ll see.

To start things off I came accross this story which caught my eye and although the UK, or most of the UK doesn’t see hail stone like this I think this is a crazy story none the less.

SAN ANTONIO – It has been more than five months since massive hail storms struck San Antonio and surrounding areas. Still, the impact of one of the costliest hail storms in U.S. history remains visible across the city.

“It’s the single worst event we’ve ever seen,” said Brad Beldon, CEO of Beldon Roofing. “It’s touched more people than any other storm.”

This is madness! There will be a lot of work here for local roofing companies but no one really wants to see this, weather damage done to your roof can be very bad but it is rare for damage like this to occur. I hope they get things up and running soon as the winter is definitely arriving.

To read the full story click the link here: Roofing industry operates at frenzied pace after April hail storms, Some roofs many not be repaired until middle of 2017

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If you have read other blog post on the Roofer Pro Middlesbrough site you would have seen our interest in the development of solar, again I think it will play a big part of the near future of roofing companies and contractors so I was pleased to see this development from the teaming up a Finnish and US based company, very clever stuff! Check it out.

A sheet-metal company that’s been in business for half a century in the south-western Finnish city of Turku is looking to the future. It has developed a new type of roofing that produces solar electricity. Virte Solar is one of the first companies in the world to produce solar roofing.

Solar panels within roof sheeting

A phtovoltaic film has been integrated into the firms roof sheeting. Image: Samuli Holopainen / Yle

This is exciting news for me, the Finnish company has teamed up with an American based business to create this wonderful product, I have big hopes for this and will be keeping an eye on it. Here is a quote fom the CEO, Jaakko Virtanen: “I’ve dreamed of building materials that would themselves generate electricity, from roofs, windows and wall. Now that’s becoming a reality,”

Awesome stuff and I wish them all the luck in the world and the world needs this I’m sure!

To read the full article which I do recommend then give this little linky a little clicky: Finnish firm creates roofing with integrated solar cells

For other roofing materials how about one of th UK’s finest?



And now a nice little video here for those roofers who like to go and buy the most expensive shoes for the job, give this video a quick watch and you might save yourself some money.

Pretty solid information if you ask me, I know I have fallen for the advertising of the bigger brands out there but that was not needed! Oh well you live and learn.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fLzuK0GRrI and Channel ID: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe1qWKNt3X4TKIlQfK-m-yA

Now for a company that had a very modest start, which is ARP

Aluminium Roofline Products (ARP) held an opening ceremony on 11 August to launch its new conveyorised wet paint spraying line.

The Leicester based business was founded in a garage 30 years ago and has since grown to occupy 30,000 sq ft premises at Meridian Business Park.

L-right: Bob Muddimer - ARP, Lady Gretton, Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Lord Hazlerigg, Dr Jonathan Castleman - chairman of Norman and Underwood, Katie Beckett and Richard Muddimer, ARP.

L-right: Bob Muddimer – ARP, Lady Gretton, Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Lord Hazlerigg, Dr Jonathan Castleman – chairman of Norman and Underwood, Katie Beckett and Richard Muddimer, ARP.

Well done to Aluminium Roofline Products, with an investment of nearly half a million pound I see big things for the company with small beginnings! I love to see the roofing industry thriving and good quality home grown busniesses doing big things so great news.

And now fo some fun. LEGO fun to be exact.

A BATTALION of lively robots were created in just four minutes by scientists, programmers and technicians of the future – with a little help from some world famous toy building bricks .

Children from schools across the region learned to build and programme robotic companions at the launch of Ayresome Park Primary’s Computing Lego Innovation Studio.

A pioneering partnership with Lego has allowed the Middlesbrough school to set a blueprint for creative play in schools across the North-East.

Not only are these the scientists of the future but also the builders too, including our beloved roofers, this is a fun read that comes with a nice short video, it’s always interesting to see the creativity of children and I hope they all have a big future which I’m sure they do!

To read the full article and watch the video click here: Young Lego fans make robots in just four minutes at pioneering Middlesbrough school

This will do for now folks, untill next time, have a great day.