SAB Miller and Solar Roofing

Hi there guys and gals, Roofer Pro Middlesbrough here with another blog post, lets have a little look at what is going on in th Roofing industry of late shall we? Not a huge amount of news this week but we will still have a go.

Solar roofing

North Wales manufacturer BIPVco Ltd to provide solar PV cells for global brewing giant

Global drinks giant SAB Miller has reached an agreement with a UK manufacturer to install “pioneering” solar integrated roofing at one of its breweries in Nigeria.

Announced yesterday, the deal with specialist integrated solar roof manufacturer BIPVco Ltd will see a pilot 2kWp ‘built-in’ photovoltaic system installed on the brewery’s roof as part of efforts to drive down SAB Miller’s carbon footprint.

Read the full article here: SAB Miller invests in ‘pioneering’ solar PV integrated roofing at Nigeria brewery

You might be a little bit tired of me always talking about solar panels but hey, it is getting stronger and stronger so it really does need to be talked about, and what better place to install solar panels than in Nigeria, where there is slightly more Sun that here in Middlesbrough, only slightly tho 🙂

No for a trip down memory lane, with some thatched roofing, ah the good old days.

All 305 of Scotland’s traditional thatched buildings have been recorded for the very first time in a bid to stop them “vanishing off radar”. From humble croft houses in the Highlands to grand Arts and Crafts villas in Argyll, researchers embarked on the 18-month project to insure the preservation of the buildings for the future.
thatched roofing

Old Thatched Cottage, Balephuil, Tiree, is believed to be several hundred years old but has now been fully restored. PIC Contributed.

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This is wonderfull news! The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings has done some great work here, it took them about 18 months in total to compile the data and they have really excelled themselves! Lets not forgot the Historic Environment Scotland who provided funding for this huge task and all who took part should be very happy with the results. I really recommend checking it out the images of the roofs really are stunning.
Now for something I found pretty funny, not for the roofers mind you but weirder things have happened.

A crew got to work removing old shingles on a Hendricks County church Monday only to discover they were at the wrong roof.

“It was an honest mistake,” First Baptist Church of Clayton’s pastor the Rev. Robert Sampson said”

Read the full article here: Roofing crews goes to work on wrong church

Oops! what a nightmare, lucky it was a forgiving pastor and not a home owner who came home from a bad day at work to see half of his roof gone! I feel sorry for these guys but it does seem that it was a genuine mistake but still…pretty big mistake!

Here is something I never thought I would see but it does look very useful indeed.

For roofers wanting to know which grade of roofing membrane they need to comply with BS5534:2014 + A1:2015 (Revised code of practice for slating and tiling), the answer is now instantly available, thanks to a new app developed by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd for their Powerlon UltraPerm range of universal breather membranes.

The new Powerlon app provides simple, instant answers to assist roofers to find to right product for their roofing project.

The app is quick and free to download to smartphones and tablets from

Read the full article here: New App Helps Roofing Professionals

Great this, very kind of them to make an app like that for us roofing professionals, so big thank you to Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd, and you can find them by following the link here:

Now for some huge news for Middlesbrough ad Teesside, are you ready…Disney is coming to Boro, there I said it.

Hundreds of people were quick to react when the news broke that the popular high street store is coming to town

Cleveland Shopping Centre

It seems a lot of people are excited the magic of Disney is heading to Teesside.

Hundreds of people were quick to react when the news broke on Friday that a pop-up version of the store is opening up in The Cleveland Centre in Middlesbrough.

Read the full article here: Disney Store: What people think about the shop’s move to Middlesbrough

I thought this was quite funny so had to post this. I am not sure what all the fuss is about but I’m sure all the kids will love it!

Here is the Roofer Pro Middlesbrough image that we have been asked to provide so we thought we would link it in this post.

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