What Tools Do Roofers Use

roofers tools

Well, this introduction might not be needed because the title pretty much sums it up but why not. This may not be a big post because there are so many tools that we use that this would be a 5000 word post so I just have the time for this but I do enjoy writing on the Roofer Pro Middlesbrough blog and I couldn’t find too much to talk about this week so I thought I would make a post about the tools that roofers like or need to use, I normally like to blog about what is going on in the roofing industry but again I didn’t see too much going on that I haven’t already talked about but I thought that this may be a bit different and this is why I decided to talk about tools, so here goes, plus, if you have a special some one in your life who is a roofer then this may give you some ideas for a nice christmas present for them 🙂

Torche For Flat Roofs

This is the Exact 2 Head Torch Complete Kit from www.toolsforroofing.co.uk This is used for drying the felt on flat roofs, this is pretty much an essential tool for any flat roofer and is a main stay of any roofers van. These can get expensive but you’re able to find one of these or similar for about £75 at the low end and up to £200+ on the high end. A very useful tool indeed.

Slate Hammers

slate hammerThe good old Slate Hamer, the one above is the Freund Universal Slate Hammer with Leather Grip which is offered by RoofingSuperstore.co.uk. There are hundreds of these but they are an absolute must for any roofing contractor! These have been around for years and very very useful for anyone who is replacing tiles on roofs.


roofing hammer

A roofer is nothing without his hammer! Well not nothing that s a bit extreme but if you’re on a roof without you trusty hammer you will feel naked, it is definitely a must. The hammer above is a great pick, this is the The Roughneck VRS Low Vibe Roofers Hammer from Marshall Industrial, not the cheapest hammer as a cheap £5 hammer will do the job but it’s only just over £27 so not too expensive either. A great choice in my opinion but like I said, you can go for a cheap second hand one but I recommend a higher quality hammer as it will last longer and do a better job as well.

Hand Saw

hand sawSorting out rotted wood by is an almost daily job that need to be completed by most roofers, obviously this depends on the typre of work being done but it certainly common so a good saw if a must. The saw above is the 20” 3G Triple Ground Hardpoint Hand Saw with Soft Comfort Handle Grip offered agin by our friends over at Roofing Superstore, at £12.50 including VAT I think this is a good choice.

Tape Measure

tape measure

Last one is the very trusty tape measure. You will likely find one of these trusty tools in every roofer’s utility belt. Every one has their favorite brandbut as long as you can get a 25 foot or more then most brands will do but again, spending a little bit more will be advised because you will be using this a lot!

The one above is the Stanley Fatmax Pro Short Tape Measure 10m x 32mm offered by good old Screwfix.

This will do for today folks, not that much news I could find unfortunately this week but I did want to make a post as I want to post every week unless I just can’t as life happens to us all but these are some of the tools that roofers really need so I thought I would make a post about this. Thanks for reading.