Whats Happening With Roofing Suppliers?

The roofing supply industry like any industry has it’s ups and downs, and so do companies in the same industry (no s#@t sherlock) so I thought that this should be the theme for this short blog post, 2 companies here, the first not doing so good and the second doing much better, so lets beging with the first business, SIG Roofing.

SIG Roofing’s Head Steps Down Amid Bad Profit Forecast

I’m not sure how this one got past me because I’m a big fan of SIG  and I have mentioned them on this blog before so I do hope they come out of this much stronger, SIG have been in the Roofing Industry for over 40 years I believe so lets hope this is just a little down period. It doesn’t look like it’s their fault as I think many people have had similar results after Brexit.

The head of British building materials suppler SIG is stepping down after the company said it would miss 2016 profit forecasts due to weak demand, tougher competition and delays to some projects after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

Shares in the insulation, roofing and interior fittings firm plunged as much as 24 percent to a four-year low of 88.2 pence on Friday, and are on track for their worst day ever.

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I hope they recover and I am sure they will because it would be a great loss to roofing in the UK for such a great company to fall but I’m sure they will recover and I hope to see them in business for many years to come!

Monier Roofing Leading The Way Out Back For Roof Tiles

Now lets take a look at Monier Roofing shall we, I know I know, a bit far away but I like to keep up to date with what is happening in the global roofing market, not just the UK and Monier has mad some exciting innovations and I am all for that as it helps roofers all over the world so lets see what’s happened.

Monier Roofing has introduced a series of new product innovations to their roofing range to mark the launch of their revitalised brand. The new innovations include a revolutionary lightweight roofing material, a broader terracotta tile offering, and an advanced colour-lock coating technology.

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Increasing the quality of high performance roofing materials helps everyone, not just us roofers but also homeowners, business owners, and even the environment, so this is welcome news and I love to see this type of thing where ever it is.



Our friends at Monier have a great reputation for their roof tiles in Australia and New Zealand and if you watch th video above and go through their website you will find out why, but they have been doing this for over 100 years so maybe they have a little head start 🙂 I’m just being (un)funny, that is not the reason, no matter how long you have been in business you only last that long in any industry, not just the roofing one, if you know what you’re doing so lets hope they continue for another 100 years!

Man On Roof In Middlesbrough Causes Havoc

And finally for some news a bit closer to home, this was a weird one for sure but in the end no one was hurt and there wasn’t much damage done to the poor roof so alls well that ends well I suppose. Obviously it didn’t end well for the theif but that’s a good thing. Anyway here is a summary of the article.

guy on roof in middlesbrough

Sean McGarrity on the roof in St Aidan’s Drive, central Middlesbrough. Picture from gazettelive.co.uk

Five police vehicles including armed response, three fire engines and two ambulance vehicles were called to the cordoned-off scene.

Dozens of people watched the suspect climbing from roof to roof, walking close to skylight windows and lying on a chimney stack with his hands behind his head.

Read the full post here: Thief talked down from rooftop by lawyer after being chased through Middlesrough is sentenced



Crazy story, they even tried to coax hime down with chocolate at one point? What! Well anyway, Middlesbrough can get a little bit strange sometimes, but I had to share this story. Cheers.