What’s Happening On Social Media With Roofing?

Let’s have a goosey gander at what’s happening on the big social platforms shall we, this may not be the most up to date, well some will and some wont be but that’s OK, old news is still news so lets get started with someone I recentely came accross on good old WordPress.com: https://kirhammond.wordpress.com now I must warn you that she has a huge amount of articles posted here, so be warned! This is not a bad thing the information she posts is well researched and well written, I’m just saying…it’s a lot. She also has a roofing specific category so here is the link to that: https://kirhammond.wordpress.com/category/roofing

Lets have a little sneal peak shall we.

new roof tiles

The oldest street in Coventry features a newly built housing development that remains in keeping with the area’s historic background, thanks to the installation of Cembrit’s Jutland fibre cement slates.

Far Gosford Street is the setting of many historic stories, from the banishment of Henry IV that lead to the Wars of the Roses in 1398 to the vivid stories of the night of the November blitz in 1940. Read full article here: Cembrit BBA certified slates provide attractive finish to new housing development

I highly recommend this blog, not just for roofers but anyone who is in the construction industry as a whole. I will also add Kirsty’s Twitter Time Line as Twitter is my next port of call.

Roofing News On Twitter

Look at how beautiful this house is here.


Very nice indeed, lets also check out some news from Roofing Today Magazine about how Brexit may effect the roofing industry.


I commented on this not so long ago on the blog, I think it may be too early to tell but I am not that worried about it because the economy works in cycles, always has always will. There will be ups and downs but the economy is built upon normal people transacting with other people or companies run by people, so unless robots replace everyone and they run and fix themselves, I doubt this will change, and anyway, I’ve seen iRobot so do I do not advise giving robots the power to build and contol themselves because if Hollywood is anything to go by, that never ends well; You have been warned!

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Roofing On Youtube

Talking about robots, drones are robots aren’t they? Well roofing companies are using these things for estimates! Why didn’t I think of this?

This is awesome I love it, here is the link to the full video if you want to watch it on Youtube: Local roofing company uses drone for job estimates

And this next video is awesome, this guy really knows what he is doing and I really enjoy his videos, in this video he is tiling a roof, pretty good video if you ask me.

Great video, this channel is a good one an has lots of quality info, if you’re into roofing tht is. Here is the guys channel if you want more: Roofing Solutions By Eric Garcia

Flat Roofing On Google Plus

For some reason I can’t find the embed code for this post, I think it’s the new and horrible may I add Google Plus interface, the old one is great I don’t know why they want to mess with it so much but hey, Google give us a ton of awesome resources for free so I don’t want to bash them because I use a lot of there services but I really don’t like the new interface.

Anyway here is the post: https://plus.google.com/+Ukflatroofing/posts/TARLrZY9sYE it’s from the people over at Ukflatroofing who do some great stuff and sell some great roofing products. I really wish I could embed this post from them because the image is gorgeous but no luck I’m afraid: https://plus.google.com/+Ukflatroofing/posts/aTrVxxp74SU

That will be enough for today I think, be sure to come back for more next week for more roofing goodness.