Roundup Of The Roofing Industry End Of November

Lets take a look at what’s happening in the roofing industry this week shall we? OK, you twisted my arm. There have been a few interesting things happenning and a great contest at the NEC as well too see what the young lads coming into the industry have up their sleeves so I suppose we should begin.

OMG Roofing Products Expansion

So, OMG Roofing Products are expanding into Europe. Great news for them, they are opening a factory in Holland, I actually used to live in Holland for 2 years, very beautiful place.

OMG Roofing

To support accelerated sales growth in Europe, OMG Roofing Products has established a new warehouse in Rotterdam and has added language specific micro-sites at the company’s website:

Read More Here: OMG Roofing Products Expands in Europe

It’s always great to see roofing companies growing like this it really is. I am very happy for them and I believe this will be a good move for them as Rotterdam is a good location for distribution accross Europe. OMG started in the US but hae grown past their borders with sites in Britain, Spain, Holland and Germany so it looks like OMG are experencing healthy growth.

Let’s see what the Vice President of Marketing had to say: “By adding new warehousing and language-specific micro-sites, we are building a stronger foundation for accelerated growth by improving our service and expanding distribution.”

More Young Lads Coming Into Roofing Industry

If you have been reading my blog long then you will know that I love to see new roofers getting into roofing so you can imagine my delight when I read this story. A big congratulations for all involved and especially to the winners!

new roofers

The winner of SkillBuild 2016 – William Emerton. He is pictured alongside Silver medalist Sam Blount (right) and Bronze medalist Andrew Emerton (left)

After two and half days of intense competition at the 2016 Skills Show at the NEC Birmingham, the NFRC has announced the winners of SkillBuild, with congratulations going to:

  • Gold – William Emerton – Leeds College of Building – Emerton Roofing (Western)
  • Silver – Sam Blount– St Austell College – Graham Barker Roofing Services
  • Bronze – Andrew Emerton – Leeds College of Building – Emerton Roofing (Western)

Read the full article here: Future of roofing is in safe hands as winners of SkillBuild revealed

Very good to see this type of thing going on so well done to the NFRC for putting on such wonderful show. I bet it was a lot of fun for all those involved but obviously nerve wracking for the contestants but it’s awesome to see this happening as we definitely need new blood comng through so here’s to th NFRC.

Lets actually take a look at what NFRC head of training had to say on the matter: “The standard throughout the regional heats was phenomenal, so we were anticipating a highly-charged final and we weren’t proved wrong. Our eight roof slating and tiling apprentices each proved to be worthy finalists and displayed an exceptional level of skill whilst constructing their competition piece.“ 

Livia Williams is the head of training in case you weren’t aware so to connect with Livia you can check out her Linked In Profile Here and also be sure to check out her very active Twitter Profile which I highly recommend following.

And Now For The New Leading Edge Range Rrom Russell Roof Tiles

Russell Roof Tiles have created some new and thinner roof tiles that good old SIG Roofing have been talking about, let’s take a quick look at what Russell Roof Tiles have been upto, I think you may like it as they have certainly made their new tiles a lot safer to move around.

There are some things you just can’t avoid in roofing: climbing up and down ladders and working at height are just some that spring to mind! That’s why having the right tools for the job can make all the difference. The Bute ‘Thinner Leading Edge’ range of tiles from Russells are lighter and easier to handle

Read More Here: You Bute!

These new tiles are about 30% lighter than the standard flat interlocking tiles so this is great news for anyone moving these up or downs peoples homes, much safer and easier and I hope this continues as it can be unsafe sometimes transporting tools or materials onto a roof so this is very welcome I’m sure!

Rusty Cladding Panels?

McElroy Metal have been busy creating a cool weathered look to their cladding, this is novel idea and we will have to see if it’s something people would like t adopt, here is a little bit more information about it.

roof cladding

Cor-Ten AZP Raw offers the look of aged or weathered roofing and cladding.

McElroy Metal has made available Cor-Ten AZP Raw, which offers the look of aged or weathered roofing and cladding. Cor-Ten AZP Raw is a fluoropolymer coating system that uses cool pigment technology McElroy Metal applies over Galvalume-coated steel sheet.

Read More Here: Roof and Cladding Panels Look Like Rusted Metal

I think you’ve had enough excitement for one day, so I will end this post. I think the big take away was that roofing products are getting better and lighter and that we can look forward to seeing new roofers coming into the industry and making a difference so that will be all.

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