Hi there people, Roofer Pro Middlesbrough here with some roofing news here.

First thing is, I hope you all had a great Christmas and I would like to wish you all a happy new year and I wish you a successful 2017. Again, this week wasn’t crazy busy in terms of news but we are in the holidays now so this is not a huge suprise as most people have other things on their mind and want to enjoy time with family and friends and so on so this is to be expected so with that said, lets start with some news from IKO Polymeric and there new brochure.

single ply from IKO Polymeric

Market-leading single ply manufacturer IKO Polymeric has launched two new brochures for its Armourplan® PVC and Spectraplan TPE membranes. The A5 landscape brochures are aimed at specifiers and contractors who work with single ply or want to know more.

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This is a great brochure and is packed with professional photography that show many great examples of Armourplan and Spectraplan in action across a diverse range of projects. To view or order the new brochure then you can call IKO Polymeric on 01257 488000 or altearnatvely you can visit the IKO Polymeric website or even follow IKO on Twitter @ikopolymeric.

More news on young lads getting involved in the roofing industry and doing well, this time we here from good old SIG roofing about their support for the young roofers coming through. Let’s get a little taste of what they’re talking about.

young roofing apprentice

As a national SkillBuild finalist; Will Emerton has been able to put the valuable skills and experience gained from completing his Level 3 NVQ in Roof Slating and Tiling to good use in this year’s competition. Will’s tutor Chris Messenger brimmed with pride when he told us how Will is “an ambassador for the college” and how the qualification has set Will on the path to be a great future roofer!

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I’ve talked about roofers coming into the industry many times on this blog and always in a positive manner and there’s no difference here. I love to see people coming into the roofing game as this is an important business because most home owners or landlords will most likely need a roofer to fix or fit some part or all of their roof at some point and with steadily rising solar panel installations aswell then it’s going to be young lads like Will who will be delivering the job that you need so let’s all wish Will a great a long career!



And let’s not forget that we are now into winter and the weather is letting us know what time of year it is now so there are a few things to watch out for. Luckily our friends at SageRoofing.co.uk have put together a great blog post on the matter so let’s have a little look at what they have to say.

roofing damge in winterA harsh winter can cause a number of issues for your roof so staying on top of roof maintenance is important. Heavy duty snow and ice build up will slowly see roof layers beginning to erode, in which gaps and holes will develop. As roofs are exposed to the natural elements 365 days a year, they require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in top notch condition.

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I highly recommend that you give this great post a read. Very interesting and also has some good tips for people so I definitely suggest giving this a little attention. Of course the winter can really be hard on your roof and a little roof repair will be needed by many people as is the case each winter. Be sure to follow Sage Roofing on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

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That will be all for today folks, again not too much news around but that is to be expected at this time of the year, again I wish you all a great new year and a happy and successful 2017.