Roofing News Roundup

Hi there guys and gals, hope your doing great! Gunna do my weekly roundup of the roofing and construction industry which I know you all look forward too don’t try to hide it! So lets get this show on the road shall we?

So, the big question on everyone’s lips is; do Buddhist’s care about the environment? I think we all know the answer but now we have proof!

roof repair for Coddington Court Buddhist Centre

Coddington Court Buddhist Centre

Somerset contractor Single Ply Services recently finished a unique project in Herefordshire: re-roofing a Buddhist Centre in the most environmentally friendly way while unobtrusively complementing the character of the building and its surrounding 16th century Coach House.

Read full article here: IKO Polymeric’s Environmentally Friendly Roof for Buddhist Centre

I love this story! I think we all knew what they would have gone with but I think it is a great sign as more and more people are starting to use more environmentally friendly roofing materials which is obviously a step in the right direction. Out of interest if you don’t have time to read the full article and are curious with what they actually went with then let me put your mind to rest.

They went with IKO Polymeric’s Spectraplan single ply membrane which is a wonderful choice because it is free from all sorts of nasty things like halogens, plasticisers, HCFCs and heavy metals, it’s made in Britain so is subject to heavy standards and because it only requires hot air welding so they have no need to use solvents and obviously wont produce smoke either which is great news for those who fit the roof because there are no toxic fumes to worry about. A great choice by the Buddhist there and also lets not forget Single Ply Services  a family run flat roofing company based in Clevedon who actually done the work 🙂 Top Notch Result All Around!

More Young Blood Coming Into The Roofing Industry

It’s great to see more young people getting involved in this industry so I was very pleased when I read the story of Gary McGeown who was awarded the Student of the Year Award.

roofing apprentice

A 25 year old roofing apprentice from Scarborough who works for JW Joinery Ltd has been named as Leeds College of Building’s ‘Student of the Year’.

Gary McGeown was presented with the coveted Governors’ Student of the Year Award by guest speaker Peter Duffy at the annual prize giving ceremony, which took place in front of more than 300 people at Leeds Town Hall.


This is great news as ofcourse because we do need a steady flow of new people coming into this industry or who will fix your roof people? I doubt robots will be able to fix them any time soon and the closest your iPhone will come to fixing it will be by ringing a roofer! Well done Gary.

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Elon’s Pushing The Solar Tiles Hard

I love Elon Musk, he is a force to be wreckoned with and he very well may revolutionize the way we fit roof tiles forever, for the better ofcourse. Let’s see what he is up to now, or this minute anyway because he could change direction at a moments notice.

solar roof tiles

Tesla’s Elon Musk unveiled the new solar roof tiles at an event held on the set of former US TV drama Desperate Housewives in Los Angeles, where several homes had been fitted with a range of the new tiles

Tesla and SolarCity have unveiled the much-anticipated Solar Roof system, a building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) residential system comprised of a range of different tile formats, colours and coatings to replicate common conventional tile formats.

Read More Here: Tesla and SolarCity unveil BIPV solar system to rival conventional roofing

I really suggest you read the full article because not only is it well written, but I think it shows the direction we as roofers who yes, can be a bit old fashioned and slow to change, will have to take. This guy I believe will make things like solar tiles common place which gets me very very excited as anyone who follows my blog knows how closely I follow solar. Go Elon!

Video URL:

Possible Big Changes For Middlesbough?

I wish politicians would just go somewhere and die, all they do is meddle with peoples lives, produce nothing of value ever, make things more expensive, reduce efficiancy, waste vast sums of resources, resources that they stole from those who DO produce. When will people learn that politicians are just parasites that need to be ejected from th host…us!

map of new teesside if it happens

Map showing proposed new boundaries for Teesside, from

Middlesbrough will “lose its identity” under radical changes to MP constituency boundaries, councillors claim.

The political map for Teesside will be completely redrawn under proposals from the Boundary Commission for England (BCE).

Read More Here: Middlesbrough will ‘lose its identity’ as centre of Teesside under boundary changes

Always meddling aren’t they? Go back to where you ame from politians, I herd it’s nice and warm in hell this time of year and leave Middlesbrough alone.

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