Hi folks, Roofer Pro Middlesbrough here, lets just dive right in shall we because despite all of the propaganda from the media and Government, the world has not ended after Brexit, even tho the BBC would have us believe so. We have a nice story here with figures that come from none other than the Federation of Master Builders. Here is a nice PDF download for those who want to read what they found. http://resources.fmb.org.uk/docs/state-of-trade-q3-2016.pdf


Roofing Industry after Brexit

Consumer demand for building work remained resilient in the three months following the vote for Brexit, new figures from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) have revealed.

Commenting on the results of the first UK-wide survey of the SME construction sector post-referendum, Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “Ongoing workloads for construction SMEs remained remarkably resilient in the months following the referendum vote, suggesting that consumer demand – which accounts for the bulk of SME work – has held up far better than anticipated.

Read full article here: Demand for Building Work Bucks Brexit, says FMB

I really recommend reading the full article and downloading the PDF, this goes not just for Roofers but anyone in the building industry. I trust the Federation of Master Builders so really nice of them to do this, we will naturally go through cycles of ups and downs regardless if we are officially in Europe or not, Japan trade with Holland no problem and there not in the EU so it was just scare mongering from the useless parasites, sorry I meant to say Beaurocrats in Belgium and beyond so this is not the big deal they made it out to be and it will be something else to scare you with in the 6 months time.

To reaffirm this lets see what the lads over at Roofing Cladding & Insulation Magazine had to say.

New figures from the Builders Merchants Building Index (BMBI) have provided further evidence that the UK construction industry is yet to feel any negative impact from decision to leave the European Union.

The figures show builders merchant sales up by 13.1%, with heavy building materials up by 14.1% and timber and joinery products up 11.8%. Overall like-for-like sales (allowing for two extra trading days) were up 2.8%. Year to date sales grew 5.4%.

Read more here: BMBI figures reaffirm industry growth

Quick little read this one so check it out, again, we naturally go through ups and downs and that’s just the way it is, whether your a roofer in Middlesbrough or a stock broker in New York, it is naturally. Please ignore politicians, beaurocrats and Mainsteam Media!

So, now we’ve covered roofing here in the UK, lets head over the pond to the good old US of A for a global perspective about sustainable roofing which I do believe is important for the future as you know if you read my blog posts.

CARLISLE, Pa. – The Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing Alliance (SRWA) will host its eighth annual fall conference from Oct. 25-28, 2016, in Hershey, Pa. Featuring in-depth educational sessions and hands-on demonstrations designed to promote sustainable building practices, the SRWA fall conference will bring together a global audience of architects, design professionals, roof consultants, and building owners.

Read more: Global Audience to Attend Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing Alliance Fall Conference

Now lets come back to the UK with some news from our friends over at SIG Roofing, a very popular business and for a reason, they are fully commited to provinding you with long lasting products that work.

SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty for pitched roofing has gone from strength to strength following its launch in October 2015, with many contractors now taking advantage of this single package warranty. To provide even further benefits, additional industry leading products have been included to give contractors, property owners and specifiers alike yet more choice and flexibility.

Read More: ONE Warranty now gives even more

I love to see companies like this showing commitment to their products and services, SIG have been going strong for over 40 years! And I wish them atleast another 40. Lets hope more roofing companies follow suite with things like this because it protects everyone so well done to SIG Roofing.

One more thing about SIG, last one I promise but I had to post about this because I believe this is important, what am I talking about? Well I will let our friends at The National Federation of Roofing Contractors give us a clue.

Working with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) as part of their Slate Focus group, SIG Roofing has risen to the challenge to help reduce the shortage of roofing slate skills by working to improve the standard of slate training in colleges across the UK.

Read full post here: SIG Roofing Working to Strengthen New Slater Skills

This is great ews and with the vast level of experience that SIG Roofing have who better to take on this much needed task?

I’ve spoken about the need for new roofers to come through and it looks like good old SIG are going to play there role in helping young people develop much needed skills like slating. Another well done from Roofer Pro Middlesbrough!

One last thing, now this has nothing to do with roofs at all but lets all wish John Hendrie a very happy birthday, what a Middlesbrough legend!



Thanks for reading gang, this should give you enough reading for now so I will see you next week, Cheers.